Speedi Hot Lunch Service
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Mobile Catering

Why Mobile Catering? Convenience is Key!

We understand that sometimes going out on your break or lunch simply isn't an option, that's where Speedi Hot's mobile catering comes in. Our trucks are able to pull onto any area desired and serve you with a variety of options just outside your front door. Imagine the possibilities with a truck that can carry the amount of eight vending machines worth of food, and service nearly 50 people in five minutes! No microwaving or aggravated machine-shaking required.

Freshly Prepared Food

BEC Sandwich

Speedi Hot has just introduced a new line of freshly prepared foods – anything from breakfast sandwiches to tasty parfaits. All of our food is prepared in house and utilizes the same recipes and methods passed down through the generations.

Pre-Packaged Food

Hot Food

To further expand our menus, we also deliver a wide variety of pre-packaged meals – Jalapeño Cheeseburgers to Tony's Pizza's to many different types of breakfast sandwiches.

Chips and Snacks

Snacks & Cold Drinks

What meal would be complete without a drink and a snack? We carry countless options of beverages, an array of chips, and a variety of options for other snacks.