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Speedi Hot Lunch Service offers mobile catering trucks filled with a wonderful variety of both hot and cold breakfast and lunch choices along with a large selection of snacks and drinks. Time is short in the morning, at break, and at lunch. Our trucks can be where you need them when you want them and are able to service nearly 50 people in five minutes! Visit our Mobile Catering page to learn more.

We also offer top notch industrial catering. Have an upcoming meeting? Or maybe a holiday party? With a wide variety of options we can satisfy all of your catering needs. We are prepared to service you at any hour, day or night. Visit our Event Catering page for more information.

Our staff has a combined 70 years of experience, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your food will be prepared with the upmost care and quality in mind. We deliver excellence in quality product and service.

Speedi Hot Offices

How can we serve you today?

Speedi Hot Lunch Service has concentrated on providing customers with quality food products – tastefully, nutritiously, and attractively prepared. We may never be the cheapest, but we will deliver the greatest value for our customers' dollar. It is our intention to continue this tradition into the future.

As a company we consistently maintain solid American values – honesty, integrity, service and efficiency. It is these very bedrock values which have lead Speedi Hot into the 21st Century.

Serving Our Customers

Today, we carry on the tradition of providing for all customers, large or small:

Mobil Catering
Event Catering
  • Hearty, substantial, tasty, well-prepared food

  • Accountability on all levels

  • Personalized service

  • Dedication to filling specific needs