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Event Catering

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Our food is prepared in a certified and routinely inspected facility with our top priorities being cleanliness and safety. Rest assured that everything we prepare is made fresh and specially for you!


Special Event Catering

For the special events that commemorate company milestones, honor productive employees, develop client relations, celebrate national holidays, or simply give employees an opportunity to gather and mingle, Speedi Hot offers on-site catering.  With a varied selection of entrees and the cutomer always in mind we aim to make your event truly special.

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For More Information or to Schedule a Catering Conact Us At:

(502) 778-8082

email: info@speedihot.com


Click the links below to view our Holiday Buffet Menus!


 --For your basic holiday meal...

Traditional Holiday Buffet Menu


--For when you want the entire spread...

Classic Buffet Holiday Menu


--For something a little different...

Roast Beef Holiday Menu


Boxed Lunches

For the meetings and lunches where you just need to grab and go, we offer our line of box lunches. Included with the sandwiches are a side item, cookies, chips, canned soda and condiments.

Click here to view our Boxed Lunches Menu!

Boxed Lunches