Speedi Hot Lunch Service
Your Local Food Service Provider

About Us

Speedi Hot Lunch Service is a local, family owned and operated company. The Payne family has been servicing the Louisville community since 1928. Today we proudly offer mobile trucks to service you at your facility, or catering for your special events.

Speedi Hot is here for your convenience, let us make your life easier by doing the work for you.

Our Focus is Quality Customer Satisfaction

Speedi Hot is founded upon quality service. We take every step necessary to ensure that our products are of the upmost quality, our staff is built around people-centeredness, and our goal is to deliver the greatest value for the customers.

Here are a few notable customers that we happily serve:

Comments From Our Customers

Several of our customers have noted how satisfied they are with our catering – hear what one customer has to say:

Randy Coble of Pearless Gear mentioned that they were very pleased; both the food and service were very good and there was nothing but positive feedback from their employees.

GSI Commerce, KCTCS, and FedEx are among others who have commented on quality food and outstanding service.